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The Brothers
The Rusike Brothers is a name that's synonomus with Zimbabwean music.Tawanda, Phillip, Abby Kelly and Colin, form the nucleaus of this family act formed in Kitwe,Zambia when they were still in school
In 1980 the Rusike's moved back home to Harare Zimbabwe and recorded thier debut single-"SATURDAY NIGHT" flipped by "GOODBYE GIRL", a catchy little disco number backed by a pop ballard that went straight of the Zim pop charts. A follow up single, the tear jerking ballard "HEARTACHE" received critical acclaim and futher enhanced the groups popularity at home & in neibouring countries.
Late in 1985, their influence was prominent when they penned and produced songs for other local acts, most notable ROZALLA for whom they wrote "PARTY NIGHTS" and "FOREVER". They remained her song writers until 1989 when she left for the United Kingdom where she had several smash hits including the infectious "EVERYBODYS FREE"
The group spent the next two years mixing and matching and experimenting with any sound defined as music, culmanating in the release of thier debut album " THE RHYTHM OF OUR HEARTS" which in many ways is auto-bioraphical.The album is a smooth blend of Zimbabwean mrira and western rhythms.
In September 1992 with thier unique new sound which they called "Heart Beat Dance Music", the Brothers embarked on thier first ever UK tour where they played a series of dates in clubs and halls including The Africa Centre, Bass Clef, The Pegesus and The Banana Tree.The band was well received by the British audience and as a reporter wrote-" The Rusike Brothers, with a large repertoire rendered some of the mot melodious and real moving music to ever come out of Africa in recent times".
While in London they also had the opprtunity to work in one of Europes top recording studios-The Red Bus, where groups like Five Star, Boy George and Write Said Fred found fame.
In 1995 the gruop lent thier talents to an AIDS Awareness Programme with the result being "A SONG FROM THE HEART" It's melodic music and sensitive lyrics, gave it international flavor and wide appeal.
The next few years were spent working with and up coming artists and touring countries in the region like Zambia, Botswana and Malawi. They have also shared the stage with top class international artists, most notably Randy Crawford, UB 40 and PJ Powers- to name afew.
Lately,The Rusike Brothers have been composing and working on brand new material for thier new album.The music still heavily relies heavily on African Rhythms with a universal apppeal. The 10 Track Album marks "A New Beginning" for the group and will certainly broaden their fan base. It is expected to be released by the end of November 2001, followed by a nationwide tour.
The RusikeBrothers music influences are so diverse that their unique sound can fit into any musical category.
The Rusike Brothers- Tawanda, Phillip, Abby & Kelly.

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